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PROPOSAL NO.: 0234026


INSTITUTION NAME: Pennsylvania State University University Park

TITLE: The Penn State Summer Institute (PSSI) for Biomaterials and Bio-nanotechnology


Penn State proposes to develop a Summer Institute (PSSI) for research and education for upper-level undergraduate and first-year graduate students to stimulate interest in bioengineering and bioinformatics in general and to draw on the strengths of current research at Penn State in biomaterials and bio-nanotechnology in particular. At Penn State, biomaterials and bio-nanotechnology programs emphasize the development of novel materials and their biocompatibility along with nano-scale manipulations and investigations, all with an eye toward clinical applications. The PSSI will be unique in incorporating laboratories that emphasize the physical sciences (Department of Chemistry), applied sciences (Department of Bioengineering), and life and clinical sciences (Hershey Medical Center).

The students will attend an 8-week course entitled 'Biomaterials and Bio-nanotechnology in the Health Sciences'. This course will be augmented by a seminar series to include industry and academic leaders in biomaterials and bio-nanotechnology (4 outside speakers, 4 Penn State Speakers). Following completion of the program, student career and academic progress will be tracked for data on impact assessment to be used for PSSI enhancements and career counseling.

An important goal of the PSSI is to draw talented students and faculty from the physical, life and clinical sciences into bioengineering. This will be addressed by recruiting students from related fields, such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, biophysics, biology, physiology, orthopedics and surgery. Through the students, they also intend to attract talented faculty working in other areas to apply their skills to biological and medical problems.

They aim to: (i) increase the pool of domestic students considering graduate education in bioengineering, (ii) provide educational experience to undergraduates and first-year graduate students to prepare them for careers in these cutting edge fields, (iii) provide faculty with students and supply monies so students can carry out innovative research in faculty labs, and (iv) increase the impact of the Penn State biomaterials and bio-nanotechnology programs.

Effective start/end date9/15/0212/31/06


  • National Science Foundation: $718,878.00


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