NIRT: Semiconductor Nanowire Electronics

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NIRT: Semiconductor Nanowire Electronics PI: J.M. Redwing Objective This NIRT proposal focuses on an investigation of fundamental issues in the physics and fabrication of group IV (Si, Ge, SixGe1-x) semiconductor nanowire-based devices. The studies focus on two specific device types: field-effect transistors and axial p-n homojunction diodes which will be used as diagnostic structures to study scaling effects on device performance. Intellectual Merit The research tightly couples device modeling and simulation with detailed experimental studies to extract carrier mobility and depletion effects in nanowire devices. This capability will be used to study scattering mechanisms and the effects of orientation, surfaces, interfaces and impurities on carrier mobility in nanowire field-effect devices in the low-field regime and probe the transition from bulk to 1D behavior as the wire diameter is scaled down. Similar studies will investigate changes in diode properties with decreasing wire diameter in axial p-n homojunctions. Synthesis experiments will be combined with nanoscale characterization tools to examine size-related effects on nanowire growth and processing. Broader Impact The research results are anticipated to be broadly applicable both to scaled Si CMOS technology and the rapidly emerging field of nanowire-based devices. Potential areas of impact include future generation logic devices, high speed transistors, resonant tunneling devices, chemical and biological sensors and devices for solar and thermal energy conversion. An industrial internship program is planned with Intel Corporation to provide graduate students working on the project with the opportunity to gain firsthand exposure to manufacturing and development issues in nanotechnology implementation. Undergraduates will participate in the program through REU sites and special programs at Penn State targeted at female and minority students. A sustained mentoring program for middle school/high school girls will be developed providing hands-on workshops, field trips and career exploration activities designed to build confidence in math and science and exposure to careers in science and technology.

Effective start/end date7/1/0612/31/11


  • National Science Foundation: $1,005,000.00
  • National Science Foundation: $1,005,000.00


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