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Publish and periodically update Bulletin # 493 "Recommended Soil Testing Procedures for the Northeastern United States", as necessary to reflect advances in soil testing methodology among member states. Publish and periodically update "Recommended Methods of Manure Analysis", jointly developed with NCR-13 and SERA-IEG-6 members. Publish findings from these NEC67-sponsored or associated projects in appropriate refereed journals: "Calibration of Soil Test Phosphorus for Corn in the Northeastern US", "Nutrient Removal by Corn Grain Harvest", "Lead Extraction using Three Soil Fertility Tests and EPA Method 3050". Sponsor training sessions, as requested, at NEBASA meetings. Topics covered (as appropriate) include soil testing methodology and interpretation, nutrient management, soil testing for regulatory and environmental monitoring, and garden center/homeowner-scale fertility management. Training sessions commonly provide participants with CCA and Nutrient Management Specialist recertification credits. Committee-sponsored field research plots are available for use in Extension field days and tours, as examples of soil testing calibration, soil fertility and nutrient management, and soil nutrients as a potential environmental concern. Exchange Extension-type educational materials, bulletins, fact sheets, and training techniques used in each state. Committee members provide a network of expertise, which is available for solving common problems in all member states throughout the year.

Effective start/end date10/1/129/30/13


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture


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