NSF-Europe Materials Collaboration: Periodic Arrays of Long Semiconductor and Metal Nanowires Embedded in a Silica Fiber for Optoelectronics

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This MWN (Materials World Network) project is a joint research and education activity between Penn St. U. and the U. Southhampton which aims for greater understanding and implementation of high-pressure synthesis techniques for filling semiconductors and metals inside micro- and nano- scale holes of a microstructured optical fiber over extremely long lengths. Fundamentals of the materials synthesis, characterization, and properties are key research areas to be addressed utilizing confined capillary geometries with characterization of structural, electrical, electronic, optical, and plasmonic properties, along with exploration of key optoelectronic applications. Of these research areas, the materials synthesis, structural and optical characterization, will be the focus of the Penn State team, and the electrical, electronic, plasmonic properties, and device development will be the focus of the U. Southampton team. %%% The project addresses fundamental research issues associated with electronic and photonic materials having technological relevance. An important feature of the project is the strong emphasis on education, with emphasis on integration of research and education, and an international collaboration providing both scientific and educational benefits. These include: interdisciplinary and international research opportunities; integrated research and education. Additionally, unique educational modules in the areas of photonic materials and phase behavior will be developed, expanding undergraduate research and international opportunities, fostering diversity, and disseminating undergraduate modules and research results via the PSU/Southampton Worldwide University Network.

Effective start/end date6/1/055/31/10


  • National Science Foundation: $450,830.00
  • National Science Foundation: $450,830.00


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