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This is the second resubmission application for a Clinical and Translational Science Award. We describe
Penn State University's plan to transform our health research and education enterprise through the work of
the Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). Throughout the University, the CTSI
initiative has been greeted with great enthusiasm, broad support across colleges and campuses, and
reaffirmation of our responsibility as a land grant University. The overarching goal of the Penn State CTSI
is an engaged and responsive health science research and education enterprise that delivers on the
promise of improved health. Starting with unique strengths in relevant biological, social and physical
sciences, a culture and organizational structure that encourages collaboration across units, a tradition of
engaging in problem-driven research, and strong connections to communities throughout Pennsylvania, we
plan to achieve this by: 1) bolstering community alliances to strengthen trust, enhance awareness of
disparities and ascertain needs;2) cultivating new problem-driven interdisciplinary collaborations that go
well beyond the traditional boundaries of biomedicine to address these needs, including partnering with
industry;3) sharing resources and promoting their most proficient use;4) capitalizing on novel tools in
information technology to collect, share and mine data, and disseminate new knowledge;and 5) educating
a new generation of investigators, health professionals and community leaders who are fluent across
disciplines, aware of ethical principles, sensitive to the community's needs, and able to apply their skills in
partnership with others. Penn State has a rich track record of breaking down barriers and of strong support
for interdisciplinary collaboration, and has committed major resources to the CTSI. In this amended
application, a new leadership team in biomedical informatics has been empowered to expand infrastructure
and develop new software solutions to study genetics, epigenetics and systems biology. The University has
increased its already substantial health science investment in transformational technologies, innovative
educational programs, and major interdisciplinary pilot project programs. Jointly with our community
partners, and through the CTSA consortium, the Penn State CTSI will serve as a collaborative engine that
will drive research initiatives geared to enhance wellness and better predict, preempt and treat disease in
the people we serve.
Effective start/end date6/1/112/29/12


  • National Center for Research Resources: $149,232.00


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