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The Climate Science Research REU Site at The Pennsylvania State University is a ten-week program to train undergraduate students in climate science, scientific inquiry, and science communication. The program seeks to expose students to the full range of scientific exploration, from generating hypotheses to communicating research findings and their implications to other scientists and the general public. With guidance from faculty advisors, students will learn to design experiments, collect and analyze data, and present results to scientific and non-scientific audiences. Students will work within an area of faculty expertise, but choose and define a project of personal interest. Research projects will involve the spectrum of climate science from fundamental physical processes of the atmosphere, oceans, and cryosphere andtheoretical climate modeling, to interactions entailing the biosphere, and impacts on various natural and human systems. Each student will have a faculty advisor to guide the research activities related to climate science and society. Students will also work with a communication expert on how to effectively communicate the societal relevance of the research.

The program will target students from universities where research opportunities for undergraduates are limited, exposing these students to career opportunities in the area of climate science. Particular emphasis will be placed on recruiting female and minority students, as these two groups remain largely underrepresented in geosciences. The program will teach research methods tostudents who otherwise would have limited opportunities for exposure to leading edge scientific research. The intent of the program is to provide students with sufficient knowledge so that they can contribute not only to the advancement of science itself, but also to the improvement of scientific literacy within academia and throughout our educational systems and society at large. Thus, a novel element of this program is the training of students in the development and the use of audiovisuals as means of broad communication of research results and their implications.

Effective start/end date5/1/134/30/17


  • National Science Foundation: $359,850.00


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