Scale Interaction Studies of EMEX Convective Systems

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For at least two decades it has been recognized that the magnitude and vertical distribution of heating in the tropics has major effects upon the general atmospheric circulation including the weather in mid-latitudes. In tropical regions, the most important source of heating is the release of latent heat which predominantly occurs in mesoscale convective systems. In the winter of 1987, a large field experiment was held off the northern coast of Australia to investigate, among other goals, the vertical distribution of heating in deep convective systems. The Principal Investigators propose to continue their analyses of this rich data set to accomplish several research objectives including: to determine the processes that modulate the vertical heating profiles in deep convective systems; and to determine the variability of the net heating and drying processes in mesoscale convective systems. //

Effective start/end date1/1/906/30/92


  • National Science Foundation: $174,000.00


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