Stable Alloys and Compounds for High-Power Gallium Nitride Schottky Diodes

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SWSSchottky barriers that can carry high currents and offer long-term reliability are needed for powerelectronics applications, such as solid-state transformers, pulsed power supplies, and solar cellfarm inverters. Wide bandgap semiconductors are especially attractive for such applications. Withthe greater availability of gallium nitride substrates, defects densities in gallium nitride can begreatly reduced, both in the wafers themselves and in subsequently grown epitaxial layers. Theopportunity to develop high-power Schottky diodes is ripe, but the reliability of such Schottkydiodes is not yet well established.

Effective start/end date8/1/188/1/18


  • Office of Naval Research: $300,000.00


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