The Dynamics of Jets and Waves in the Atmosphere and Southern Ocean

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The results of this project will help to reduce the uncertainties in long-term climate prediction of the global-scale surface temperature and circulation patterns. Two high school teachers with backgrounds in advanced earth science and computer science, and two high school students will engage with the team to use and analyze climate science data sets. The scientific objectives of this project are to advance knowledge of (1) how mid latitude waves and jets are linked to tropical and high-latitude processes, and (2) how the atmospheric jet variability influences Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), jets, eddies, and jet-scale overturning circulations. For the first objective, the investigation will be focused on how poleward heat transport by atmospheric waves is influenced by tropical heating and the background state of the atmosphere. The improved knowledge of the underlying physical processes can enhance understanding of the general circulation of both the atmosphere and the Southern Ocean. In addition, this knowledge can help us to evaluate how high-latitude surface temperatures and the Southern Ocean circulation, two of the most sensitive aspects of climate variability, respond to external forcings.

Effective start/end date7/1/156/30/19


  • National Science Foundation: $500,000.00


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