The Use of Pore-Pressure, Temperature and Displacement Fields for the Characterization of Dike Intrusion

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The objective of this research is to use the pore-pressure, temperature and displacement fields that are induced as a result of dike intrusion to provide important information regarding the intrusive process. The monitoring of induced fluid pressures have already illustrated the potential of determining dike location, volume and propagation rate. The monitoring of thermal and displacement signatures will provide complementary information to define the form of the intrusion, and may be used in isolation, or ensemble. The additional constraint that the ensemble data gives maybe useful in further defining the coupled processes that accompany intrusion, and maybe of use in predicting eruption. The program of analysis is a prelude to initiating a field monitoring experiment.

Effective start/end date6/1/9311/30/95


  • National Science Foundation: $59,556.00


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