U.S.-Australia Emerging Cancer Biomedical Technologies Workshop

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PI: Davalos, Rafael V.

Proposal #:1735665

This effort will enable an international workshop from June 13-15, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia, bringing together engineers and scientists to discuss emerging cancer biomedical technologies. The overarching goal of this international meeting is to understand the status of the field, specifically relating to topical areas of: biophotonics and imaging, cancer detection, cancer treatment, tissue engineering, cell therapeutics, drug delivery, biomedical engineering, and multi-scale modeling. This workshop will increase our scientific understanding serve as a catalyst for a large economic impact as these platforms are developed.

The workshop will explore and develop opportunities for cutting-edge research spanning basic to translational collaborations between U.S. and Australian participants while also strategizing a future for cancer research internationally. The workshop will be limited to less than 100 participants and will focus on cutting-edge, emerging biomedical technologies applicable to cancer detection, treatment, and clinical studies. The collaborative sessions will bring together researchers, federal scientists and companies specializing in topical areas such as: biophotonics, epigenomics, genomics, genetic engineering, proteomics, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, single cell analysis technologies, imaging technologies, microfluidics, materials, and minimally invasive technologies.

Effective start/end date7/1/176/30/18


  • National Science Foundation: $27,029.00


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