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I’m a Junior Faculty Member at an Academic Medical Center…Now What?

Stine, J. G., Jan 1 2020, In : Digestive Diseases and Sciences. 65, 1, p. 15-17 3 p.

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Joint analysis of P-wave velocity and resistivity for morphology identification and quantification of gas hydrate

Liu, T., Liu, X. & Zhu, T., Feb 2020, In : Marine and Petroleum Geology. 112, 104036.

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gas hydrate
P waves
wave velocity

km23-1/DYNLRB1 regulation of MEK/ERK signaling and R-Ras in invasive human colorectal cancer cells

Raza, A., Pandey, M. S., Jin, Q. & Mulder, K. M., Jan 1 2020, In : Cell Biology International. 44, 1, p. 155-165 11 p.

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Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinases
Extracellular Signal-Regulated MAP Kinases
Colorectal Neoplasms
Transforming Growth Factors

Larotrectinib imaging response in low-grade glioma

Walter, A. W., Kandula, V. V. R. & Shah, N., Jan 1 2020, In : Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 67, 1, e28002.

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Latent innovation in local economies

Goetz, S. J. & Han, Y., Mar 2020, In : Research Policy. 49, 2, 103909.

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Local economy

Lesion Network Mapping Analysis Identifies Potential Cause of Postoperative Depression in a Case of Cingulate Low-Grade Glioma

Mansouri, A., Boutet, A., Elias, G., Germann, J., Yan, H., Babu, H., Lozano, A. M. & Valiante, T. A., Jan 2020, In : World neurosurgery. 133, p. 278-282 5 p.

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Major Depressive Disorder

Ligand-induced disorder-to-order transitions characterized by structural proteomics and molecular dynamics simulations

Makepeace, K. A. T., Brodie, N. I., Popov, K. I., Gudavicius, G., Nelson, C. J., Petrotchenko, E. V., Dokholyan, N. V. & Borchers, C. H., Jan 16 2020, In : Journal of Proteomics. 211, 103544.

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Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Molecular dynamics
Computer simulation

Lipidic synthetic alkaloids as SK3 channel modulators. Synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-substituted tetrahydropyridine derivatives with potential anti-metastatic activity

Kouba, S., Braire, J., Félix, R., Chantôme, A., Jaffrès, P. A., Lebreton, J., Dubreuil, D., Pipelier, M., Zhang, X., Trebak, M., Vandier, C., Mathé-Allainmat, M. & Potier-Cartereau, M., Jan 15 2020, In : European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 186, 111854.

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Breast Neoplasms

Liver transplant candidates have impaired quality of life across health domains as assessed by computerized testing

Stine, J. G., Stukenborg, G. J., Wang, J., Adkins, A., Niccum, B., Zimmet, A. & Argo, C. K., Jan 1 2020, In : Annals of Hepatology. 19, 1, p. 62-68 7 p.

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Quality of Life
Liver Transplantation
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Low-cost Fe–N–C catalyst derived from Fe (III)-chitosan hydrogel to enhance power production in microbial fuel cells

Yang, W., Wang, X., Rossi, R. & Logan, B. E., Jan 15 2020, In : Chemical Engineering Journal. 380, 122522.

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Microbial fuel cells
fuel cell

Macromolecular transformations for tectonically-deformed high volatile bituminous via HRTEM and XRD analyses

Song, Y., Jiang, B., Li, M., Hou, C. & Mathews, J. P., Mar 1 2020, In : Fuel. 263, 116756.

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Image analysis

Manganese doped magnetic cobalt ferrite nanoparticles for dye degradation via a novel heterogeneous chemical catalysis

Dou, R., Cheng, H., Ma, J. & Komarneni, S., Jan 15 2020, In : Materials Chemistry and Physics. 240, 122181.

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Mangrove regional feedback to sea level rise and drought intensity at the end of the 21st century

Mafi-Gholami, D., Zenner, E. K. & Jaafari, A., Mar 2020, In : Ecological Indicators. 110, 105972.

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twenty first century
sea level

Maternal HIV and Adolescent Functioning in South Africa: The Role of the Mother-Child Relationship

LeCroix, R. H., Chan, W. Y., Henrich, C., Palin, F., Shanley, J. & Armistead, L., Jan 1 2020, In : Journal of Early Adolescence. 40, 1, p. 83-103 21 p.

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mother-child relationship
Mother-Child Relations
South Africa

Mathematical analysis of finite volume preserving scheme for nonlinear Smoluchowski equation

Singh, M., Matsoukas, T. & Walker, G., Jan 15 2020, In : Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena. 402, 132221.

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Smoluchowski Equation
applications of mathematics
Mathematical Analysis
Finite Volume

Measurement of mixed mode interfacial strengths with cementitious materials

Tabatabaei, M., Dahi Taleghani, A. & Alem, N., Jan 2020, In : Engineering Fracture Mechanics. 223, 106739.

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Shear strength
Strength of materials

Measurement of the gamma ray background in the Davis cavern at the Sanford Underground Research Facility

(The LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Collaboration), Mar 2020, In : Astroparticle Physics. 116, 102391.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

research facilities
gamma rays
sodium iodides
particle interactions
Shear waves
Elastic moduli
Computer simulation

Metabolic model guided strain design of cyanobacteria

Hendry, J. I., Bandyopadhyay, A., Srinivasan, S., Pakrasi, H. B. & Maranas, C. D., Aug 1 2020, In : Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 64, p. 17-23 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Metabolic Networks and Pathways
Carbon Dioxide
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Misconceptions regarding the adequacy of best medical intervention alone for asymptomatic carotid stenosis

Abbott, A. L., Brunser, A. M., Giannoukas, A., Harbaugh, R. E., Kleinig, T., Lattanzi, S., Poppert, H., Rundek, T., Shahidi, S., Silvestrini, M. & Topakian, R., Jan 2020, In : Journal of Vascular Surgery. 71, 1, p. 257-269 13 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Carotid Endarterectomy
Carotid Stenosis
Life Style
Nuclear Respiratory Factor 1
Sirtuin 1

Model-based assessment and neural correlates of spatial memory deficits in mild cognitive impairment

Weigard, A. S., Sathian, K. & Hampstead, B. M., Jan 2020, In : Neuropsychologia. 136, 107251.

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Memory Disorders
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Temporal Lobe
Social Adjustment
Task Performance and Analysis
Model-based Clustering
Exponential Family
Graph Model
Random Graphs
International trade

Model-based feedforward control of laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing

Wang, Q., Michaleris, P. P., Nassar, A. R., Irwin, J. E., Ren, Y. & Stutzman, C. B., Jan 2020, In : Additive Manufacturing. 31, 100985.

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Open Access
3D printers
Feedforward control
Fusion reactions

Modeling and control of lift offset coaxial and tiltrotor rotorcraft

Berger, T., Juhasz, O., Lopez, M. J. S., Tischler, M. B. & Horn, J. F., Jan 1 2020, In : CEAS Aeronautical Journal. 11, 1, p. 191-215 25 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Flight dynamics

Moments of friction in virtual reality: How feeling histories impact experience

Hollett, T., Luo, S., Turcotte, N., Ramsay, C., Stubbs, C. & Zidik, Z., Jan 1 2020, In : E-Learning and Digital Media. 17, 1, p. 56-77 22 p.

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virtual reality
Virtual reality

Motivation of internationalization and a moderating role of environmental conditions in the hospitality industry

Song, S. & Lee, S., Jun 2020, In : Tourism Management. 78, 104050.

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environmental factors
environmental conditions
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Multiphase flowback rate-transient analysis of shale gas reservoirs

Zhang, F. & Emami-Meybodi, H., Jan 2 2020, In : International Journal of Coal Geology. 217, 103315.

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Transient analysis
fracture network

Naturally-diverse airborne environmental microbial exposures modulate the gut microbiome and may provide anxiolytic benefits in mice

Liddicoat, C., Sydnor, H., Cando-Dumancela, C., Dresken, R., Liu, J., Gellie, N. J. C., Mills, J. G., Young, J. M., Weyrich, L. S., Hutchinson, M. R., Weinstein, P. & Breed, M. F., Jan 20 2020, In : Science of the Total Environment. 701, 134684.

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Anti-Anxiety Agents
mental health

Navigable Channel-Based Trans-Sulcal Resection of Third Ventricular Colloid Cysts: A Multicenter Retrospective Case Series and Review of the Literature

Lin, M., Bakhsheshian, J., Strickland, B., Rennert, R. C., Chen, J. W., Van Gompel, J. J., Young, R. L., Kumar, P. P., Coppens, J., Curry, W. T., Zacharia, B. E., Bailes, J. E. & Zada, G., Jan 2020, In : World neurosurgery. 133, p. e702-e710

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Colloid Cysts
Length of Stay
Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt

Neighborhood Walkability and BMI Change: A National Study of Veterans in Large Urban Areas

Tarlov, E., Silva, A., Wing, C., Slater, S., Matthews, S. A., Jones, K. K. & Zenk, S. N., Jan 1 2020, In : Obesity. 28, 1, p. 46-54 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Linear Models
Veterans Health
Longitudinal Studies
Retrospective Studies

Neutrinos below 100 TeV from the southern sky employing refined veto techniques to IceCube data

Aartsen, M. G., Ackermann, M., Adams, J., A. Aguilar, J., Ahlers, M., Ahrens, M., Alispach, C., Altmann, D., Andeen, K., Anderson, T., Ansseau, I., Anton, G., Argüelles, C., Auffenberg, J., Axani, S., Backes, P., Bagherpour, H., Bai, X., Barbano, A., Barwick, S. W. & 313 others, Baum, V., Bay, R., Beatty, J. J., Becker, K. H., Becker Tjus, J., BenZvi, S., Berley, D., Bernardini, E., Besson, D. Z., Binder, G., Bindig, D., Blaufuss, E., Blot, S., Bohm, C., Börner, M., Böser, S., Botner, O., Bourbeau, E., Bourbeau, J., Bradascio, F., Braun, J., Bretz, H. P., Bron, S., Brostean-Kaiser, J., Burgman, A., Busse, R. S., Carver, T., Chen, C., Cheung, E., Chirkin, D., Clark, K., Classen, L., Collin, G. H., Conrad, J. M., Coppin, P., Correa, P., Cowen, D. F., Cross, R., Dave, P., de André, J. P. A. M., De Clercq, C., DeLaunay, J. J., Dembinski, H., Deoskar, K., De Ridder, S., Desiati, P., de Vries, K. D., de Wasseige, G., de With, M., DeYoung, T., Díaz-Vélez, J. C., Dujmovic, H., Dunkman, M., Dvorak, E., Eberhardt, B., Ehrhardt, T., Eller, P., Evenson, P. A., Fahey, S., Fazely, A. R., Felde, J., Filimonov, K., Finley, C., Franckowiak, A., Friedman, E., Fritz, A., Gaisser, T. K., Gallagher, J., Ganster, E., Garrappa, S., Gerhardt, L., Ghorbani, K., Glauch, T., Glüsenkamp, T., Goldschmidt, A., Gonzalez, J. G., Grant, D., Griffith, Z., Günder, M., Gündüz, M., Haack, C., Hallgren, A., Halve, L., Halzen, F., Hanson, K., Hebecker, D., Heereman, D., Helbing, K., Hellauer, R., Henningsen, F., Hickford, S., Hignight, J., Hill, G. C., Hoffman, K. D., Hoffmann, R., Hoinka, T., Hokanson-Fasig, B., Hoshina, K., Huang, F., Huber, M., Hultqvist, K., Hünnefeld, M., Hussain, R., In, S., Iovine, N., Ishihara, A., Jacobi, E., Japaridze, G. S., Jeong, M., Jero, K., Jones, B. J. P., Kang, W., Kappes, A., Kappesser, D., Karg, T., Karl, M., Karle, A., Katz, U., Kauer, M., Keivani, A., Kelley, J. L., Kheirandish, A., Kim, J., Kintscher, T., Kiryluk, J., Kittler, T., Klein, S. R., Koirala, R., Kolanoski, H., Köpke, L., Kopper, C., Kopper, S., Koskinen, D. J., Kowalski, M., Krings, K., Krückl, G., Kulacz, N., Kunwar, S., Kurahashi, N., Kyriacou, A., Labare, M., Lanfranchi, J. L., Larson, M. J., Lauber, F., Lazar, J. P., Leonard, K., Leuermann, M., Liu, Q. R., Lohfink, E., Lozano Mariscal, C. J., Lu, L., Lucarelli, F., Lünemann, J., Luszczak, W., Madsen, J., Maggi, G., Mahn, K. B. M., Makino, Y., Mallot, K., Mancina, S., Mariş, I. C., Maruyama, R., Mase, K., Maunu, R., Meagher, K., Medici, M., Medina, A., Meier, M., Meighen-Berger, S., Menne, T., Merino, G., Meures, T., Miarecki, S., Micallef, J., Momenté, G., Montaruli, T., Moore, R. W., Moulai, M., Nagai, R., Nahnhauer, R., Nakarmi, P., Naumann, U., Neer, G., Niederhausen, H., Nowicki, S. C., Nygren, D. R., Obertacke Pollmann, A., Olivas, A., O'Murchadha, A., O'Sullivan, E., Palczewski, T., Pandya, H., Pankova, D. V., Park, N., Peiffer, P., Pérez de los Heros, C., Pieloth, D., Pinat, E., Pizzuto, A., Plum, M., Price, P. B., Przybylski, G. T., Raab, C., Raissi, A., Rameez, M., Rauch, L., Rawlins, K., Rea, I. C., Reimann, R., Relethford, B., Renzi, G., Resconi, E., Rhode, W., Richman, M., Robertson, S., Rongen, M., Rott, C., Ruhe, T., Ryckbosch, D., Rysewyk, D., Safa, I., Sanchez Herrera, S. E., Sandrock, A., Sandroos, J., Santander, M., Sarkar, S., Satalecka, K., Schaufel, M., Schlunder, P., Schmidt, T., Schneider, A., Schneider, J., Schumacher, L., Sclafani, S., Seckel, D., Seunarine, S., Silva, M., Snihur, R., Soedingrekso, J., Soldin, D., Song, M., Spiczak, G. M., Spiering, C., Stachurska, J., Stamatikos, M., Stanev, T., Stasik, A., Stein, R., Stettner, J., Steuer, A., Stezelberger, T., Stokstad, R. G., Stößl, A., Strotjohann, N. L., Ström, R., Stuttard, T., Sullivan, G. W., Sutherland, M., Taboada, I., Tenholt, F., Ter-Antonyan, S., Terliuk, A., Tilav, S., Tomankova, L., Tönnis, C., Toscano, S., Tosi, D., Tselengidou, M., Tung, C. F., Turcati, A., Turcotte, R., Turley, C. F., Ty, B., Unger, E., Unland Elorrieta, M. A., Usner, M., Vandenbroucke, J., Van Driessche, W., van Eijk, D., van Eijndhoven, N., Vanheule, S., van Santen, J., Vraeghe, M., Walck, C., Wallace, A., Wallraff, M., Wandkowsky, N., Watson, T. B., Weaver, C., Weiss, M. J., Weldert, J., Wendt, C., Werthebach, J., Westerhoff, S., Whelan, B. J., Whitehorn, N., Wiebe, K., Wiebusch, C. H., Wille, L., Williams, D. R., Wills, L., Wolf, M., Wood, J., Wood, T. R., Woschnagg, K., Wrede, G., Xu, D. L., Xu, X. W., Xu, Y., Yanez, J. P., Yodh, G., Yoshida, S. & Yuan, T., Mar 2020, In : Astroparticle Physics. 116, 102392.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Southern sky

Nickel diffusion into MoS2 and the effect of annealing on contact resistance

Walter, T. N., Cooley, K. A., Domask, A. C. & Mohney, S. E., Mar 1 2020, In : Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing. 107, 104850.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Contact resistance
contact resistance
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Non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs) for thromboembolic prevention, are they safe in congenital heart disease? Results of a worldwide study

Yang, H., Bouma, B. J., Dimopoulos, K., Khairy, P., Ladouceur, M., Niwa, K., Greutmann, M., Schwerzmann, M., Egbe, A., Scognamiglio, G., Budts, W., Veldtman, G., Opotowsky, A. R., Broberg, C. S., Gumbiene, L., Meijboom, F. J., Rutz, T., Post, M. C., Moe, T., Lipczyńska, M. & 20 others, Tsai, S. F., Chakrabarti, S., Tobler, D., Davidson, W., Morissens, M., van Dijk, A., Buber, J., Bouchardy, J., Skoglund, K., Christersson, C., Kronvall, T., Konings, T. C., Alonso-Gonzalez, R., Mizuno, A., Webb, G., Laukyte, M., Sieswerda, G. T. J., Shafer, K., Aboulhosn, J. & Mulder, B. J. M., Jan 15 2020, In : International Journal of Cardiology. 299, p. 123-130 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Heart Diseases
Vitamin K
Quality of Life

Numerical simulations of yield-based sooting tendencies of aromatic fuels using ReaxFF molecular dynamics

Kwon, H., Shabnam, S., van Duin, A. C. T. & Xuan, Y., Feb 15 2020, In : Fuel. 262, 116545.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Molecular dynamics
Computer simulation

Obtaining plasma to measure baseline corticosterone concentrations in reptiles: How quick is quick enough?

Tylan, C., Camacho, K., French, S., Graham, S. P., Herr, M. W., Jones, J., McCormick, G. L., O'Brien, M. A., Tennessen, J. B., Thawley, C. J., Webb, A. & Langkilde, T., Feb 1 2020, In : General and Comparative Endocrinology. 287, 113324.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Oligonucleotide Enrichment of HSV-1 Genomic DNA from Clinical Specimens for Use in High-Throughput Sequencing

Shipley, M. M., Rathbun, M. M. & Szpara, M. L., Jan 1 2020, Methods in Molecular Biology. Humana Press Inc., p. 199-217 19 p. (Methods in Molecular Biology; vol. 2060).

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

Viral DNA
Human Herpesvirus 1
High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing
Human Herpesvirus 2

One-way coupled simulation of FIV in a 7-pin wire-wrapped fuel pin bundle

Brockmeyer, L., Merzari, E., Solberg, J. & Hassan, Y., Jan 2020, In : Nuclear Engineering and Design. 356, 110367.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


On the active sites for the oxygen reduction reaction catalyzed by graphene-based materials

Radovic, L. R., Salgado-Casanova, A. J. A. & Mora-Vilches, C. V., Jan 2020, In : Carbon. 156, p. 389-398 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Electronic density of states

On the limits of evidence accumulation of the preconscious percept

Avilés, A., Bowman, H. & Wyble, B., Feb 2020, In : Cognition. 195, 104080.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Costs and Cost Analysis
Pongo pygmaeus
Pan paniscus
Pan troglodytes
Principal Component Analysis

Optically Pumped Lasing from Hybrid Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes

Kim, H., Roh, K., Murphy, J. P., Zhao, L., Gunnarsson, W. B., Longhi, E., Barlow, S., Marder, S. R., Rand, B. P. & Giebink, N. C., Jan 1 2020, In : Advanced Optical Materials. 8, 1, 1901297.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Light emitting diodes
Semiconductor lasers
light emitting diodes
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Pairing geophysical techniques improves understanding of the near-surface Critical Zone: Visualization of preferential routing of stemflow along coarse roots

Guo, L., Mount, G. J., Hudson, S., Lin, H. & Levia, D., Jan 1 2020, In : Geoderma. 357, 113953.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

ground-penetrating radar
ground penetrating radar

Patient phenotypes and clinical outcomes in invasive monitoring for epilepsy: An individual patient data meta-analysis

Remick, M., Ibrahim, G. M., Mansouri, A. & Abel, T. J., Jan 2020, In : Epilepsy and Behavior. 102, 106652.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Patterns of amiodarone use and outcomes in clinical practice for atrial fibrillation

Pokorney, S. D., Holmes, D. J. N., Shrader, P., Thomas, L., Fonarow, G. C., Mahaffey, K. W., Gersh, B. J., Kowey, P. R., Naccarelli, G. V., Freeman, J. V., Singer, D. E., Washam, J. B., Peterson, E. D., Piccini, J. P. & Reiffel, J. A., Feb 2020, In : American Heart Journal. 220, p. 145-154 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Atrial Fibrillation
Anti-Arrhythmia Agents
Logistic Models