A brief comparison of Mehri and Jibbali

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The exact relationship among the Modern South Arabian (MSA) languages has not been conclusively determined, in part because of the lack of data on some of the languages. This comparison of the two best-described languages, Mehri and Jibbali, can serve as a preliminary model for a more comprehensive study of the family. Despite a large number of similarities, Mehri and Jibbali show many interesting differences in phonology, morphology, and syntax. Some of these differences, if shown to be innovations, can serve in the internal classification of the languages, while others are purely of interest from the perspective of language change. Similarities between the languages aid in the reconstruction of Proto-MSA, a step that is necessary in order to determine the proper place of MSA within the greater Semitic family.

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Title of host publicationLanguages of Southern Arabia - Papers from the Special Session of the Seminar for Arabian Studies
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2014
Event5th Seminar for Arabian Studies: Languages of Southern Arabia -
Duration: Jul 27 2013Jul 27 2013


Other5th Seminar for Arabian Studies: Languages of Southern Arabia

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