Acoustofluidic actuation of in situ fabricated microrotors

Murat Kaynak, Adem Ozcelik, Nitesh Nama, Amir Nourhani, Paul E. Lammert, Vincent H. Crespi, Tony Jun Huang

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We have demonstrated in situ fabricated and acoustically actuated microrotors. A polymeric microrotor with predefined oscillating sharp-edge structures is fabricated in situ by applying a patterned UV light to polymerize a photocrosslinkable polyethylene glycol solution inside a microchannel around a polydimethylsiloxane axle. To actuate the microrotors by oscillating the sharp-edge structures, we employed piezoelectric transducers which generate tunable acoustic waves. The resulting acoustic streaming flows rotate the microrotors. The rotation rate is tuned by controlling the peak-to-peak voltage applied to the transducer. A 6-arm microrotor can exceed 1200 revolutions per minute. Our technique is an integration of single-step microfabrication, instant assembly around the axle, and easy acoustic actuation for various applications in microfluidics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3532-3537
Number of pages6
JournalLab on a Chip
Issue number18
StatePublished - Jan 1 2016


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Kaynak, M., Ozcelik, A., Nama, N., Nourhani, A., Lammert, P. E., Crespi, V. H., & Huang, T. J. (2016). Acoustofluidic actuation of in situ fabricated microrotors. Lab on a Chip, 16(18), 3532-3537.