Stosowanie sie do zaleceń leczniczych chorych na obturacyjny bezdech senny (OBS) w co najmniej rok po ustaleniu rozpoznania.

Translated title of the contribution: Compliance to treatment recommendations in patients with obstructive sleep apnea at least one year after diagnosis

A. Zgierska, A. Pietrzyk, R. Pływaczewski, J. Zieliński

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102 OSA patients, qualified for nCPAP treatment at least one year ago were investigated by questionnaire and direct examination. CPAP device has been used by 76 patients (75%). Other subjects (26 persons) did not use it for various reasons. Subjects treated (Group L) and not treated (Group NL) were compared. Before qualifying for nCPAP treatment, Group L compared to Group NL, had significantly higher apnoea/hyponoea index, AHI (p < 0.001) and more severe hypoxaemia during sleep (p < 0.01). Subjects of Group L were more obese (p < 0.01) and smoked more cigarettes per day (p < 0.05) than Group NL. Group L patients have been using nCPAP for 6.3 +/- 0.2 nights per week and 6.4 +/- 0.2 hours per night. From variables characterizing OSA and obesity, the intensity of nCPAP usage positively correlated with AHI (p < 0.05) and negatively with severity of daytime sleepiness (p < 0.001). Among Group L patients, 93% reported general improvement, 84% woke up refreshed and rested in the morning and 70% did not feel sleepy during the daytime. Concentration improved in 66% of treated patients. Main complaints were associated with rhinitis (38%), uncomfortable mask (34%) or air leaks around the mask (26%), dryness in throat and nose (33%), shallow, unquiet sleep with frequent awakenings (about 31%), chest pain (23%) or headache (22%). 33% of subjects complained of machine noise, troubling sleep partner. CONCLUSIONS: The acceptance of nCPAP treatment was 75% and depended on the OSA severity. nCPAP device was effective in OSA treatment, mild side effects were reported by around one third of studied patients.


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