Detection of brown dwarf like objects in the core of NGC3603

Loredana Spezzi, Giacomo Beccari, Guido De Marchi, Erick T. Young, Francesco Paresce, Michael A. Dopita, Morten Andersen, Nino Panagia, Bruce Balick, Howard E. Bond, Daniela Calzetti, C. Marcella Carollo, Michael J. Disney, Jay A. Frogel, Donald N.B. Hall, Jon A. Holtzman, Randy A. Kimble, Patrick J. McCarthy, Robert W. O'Connell, Russell E. RyanAbhijit Saha, Joseph I. Silk, John T. Trauger, Alistair R. Walker, Bradley C. Whitmore, Rogier A. Windhorst

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