Dominant negative mutants of filamin A block cell surface expression of the D2 dopamine receptor

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Protein interaction screens have revealed an interaction between the D2 dopamine receptor and the actin cross-linking protein filamin A. However, the physiological significance of this interaction has not been explained. To better understand the role of filamin A in D2 receptor-mediated signaling, we examined the effect of disrupting filamin A/D2 receptor interaction. Overexpression of a truncated form of filamin A (repeat units 18-19 containing the D2, but not the actin, binding domain) caused a marked reduction in both the number and half-life of cell surface D2 receptors. These results suggest that disruption of the linkage between D2 receptors and the actin cytoskeleton destabilizes plasma membrane-associated D2 receptors. Several missense mutations within repeat unit 19 of filamin A were identified that abrogate filamin A/D2 receptor interaction. Introduction of mutant and wild-type filamin A into filamin A-deficient M2 cells demonstrated that wild-type filamin A, but not the filamin A-binding mutants, was able to promote cell-surface expression of D2 receptors. Together, these studies provide evidence that filamin A/D2 receptor interaction is required for the proper targeting or stabilization of D2 dopamine receptors at the plasma membrane. Copyright

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StatePublished - 2002

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