Effect of physical activity on nonmelanoma skin cancer risk in kidney, liver, and pancreatic transplant patients

Faith Miller Whalen, Anokhi Jambusaria-Pahlajani, Rebecca M. Speck, Kathryn Schmitz, Chrysalyne D. Schmults

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BACKGROUND Physical activity has been associated with a lower risk of cancer, including melanoma, but the effect has not yet been assessed for nonmelanoma skin cancer (NMSC). OBJECTIVE To determine whether the risk of skin cancer differs according to physical activity level in patients at high risk for NMSC. METHODS We conducted a retrospective cohort study in kidney, liver, and pancreatic transplant patients via telephone interview. Physical activity scores were calculated for each patient using a previously validated questionnaire. Sun exposure history and skin type were also recorded. The outcome of interest was a biopsy-proven diagnosis of at least one NMSC. RESULTS Of 142 subjects, 45 (32%) developed NMSC. There was no significant effect of physical activity on the development of NMSC. CONCLUSIONS Physical activity level may not be a major predictor of skin cancer risk in organ transplant patients. Controlled trials and population-based studies are needed to determine whether exercise can decrease the risk of NMSC in the general population. The authors have indicated no significant interest with commercial supporters.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1510-1513
Number of pages4
JournalDermatologic Surgery
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 1 2010


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