Evaluation of chemopreventive agents against breast cancer and proposed strategies for future clinical intervention trials

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This review is based on literature data pertaining to the use of single agents or complex mixtures that have been shown to offer protection against mammary cancer in rodents. The species and strains of animals, dose, route, frequency and duration of carcinogen administration, as well as types, levels, route of administration and duration of chemopreventive treatments are described in detail. A brief description regarding the mechanism(s) responsible for the chemopreventive action of each class of agent is provided. The reader is encouraged to use additional sources for detailed Information. The epidemiological observations that implicate certain agents or complex mixtures as playing a role in reducing human breast cancer are also reported and a comparison is made with results from assays in laboratory animals. Possible intermediate biomarkers that indicate risk for breast cancer are discus sed. The purpose of this review is to provide the reader with a fairly concise knowledge of the subject. The information in this review Is gathered together to stimulate studies toward appropriate strategies for future clinical chemoprevention trials.

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