FemTechNet distributed open collaborative course: Performing difference, exquisite engendering, and feminist mapping

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This chapter is about three pedagogical experiments: Performing Difference, Exquisite Engendering, and Feminist Mapping. Performing Difference is a project in which university students write and perform a conversation developed from their blog dialogue with students at another university about identity informed by readings, activities, and processes; and from dialogue on feminist disability studies informed by readings, videos, and other materials and activities. Exquisite Engendering is a pedagogical experiment in remixing virtual and physical issues of race, body, and difference into videos to teach elementary school children about social justice. Feminist Mapping is a pedagogical project that considers gender intersected with other identities in mapping places, concepts, and objects. These three pedagogical experiments are part of Fem Tech Net's Distributed Open Collaborative Course (DOCC), an approach to teaching that fosters dialogue to imagine, and then create, an equitable and socially just education.

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StatePublished - Nov 29 2016


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