How we conduct ongoing programmatic evaluation of our medical education curriculum

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Evaluation of undergraduate medical education programs is necessary to meet accreditation standards; however, implementation and maintenance of an adequate evaluation process is challenging. A curriculum evaluation committee (CEC) was established at the Penn State University College of Medicine in 2000 to complement the already established activities of the Office of the Vice Dean for Medical Education and the Committee on Undergraduate Medical Education. Herein, we describe the methodology used by the CEC at our academic medical center and outcomes attributable to the curriculum evaluation process that was enacted. Strengths of our process include ongoing, regular assessments that guarantee a course is reviewed at least every two years and a feedback loop whereby course directors are held accountable for implementing changes when necessary. Our evaluative process has proven effective, sustainable, and has identified additional areas for curricular improvements.

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JournalMedical teacher
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StatePublished - Oct 1 2012

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