Immunoediting of leukocyte functions within the tumor microenvironment promotes cancer metastasis development

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Attachment of tumor cells to the endothelium (EC) under flow conditions is critical for migration of tumor cells out of the vascular system to establish metastases. We found that neutrophils (PMN) increased melanoma cell extravasation. Endogenous IL-8 liberated from melanoma cells or from PMN induced by melanoma cells contributed to PMN-facilitated melanoma cell arrest on the EC in the microcirculation. Functional blocking of IL-8 receptors on PMN or neutralizing soluble IL-8 in the tumor circulation decreased the level of CD11b/CD18 up-regulation on PMN and subsequently reduced melanoma cell extravasation. We also found that targeting mutant V600EB-Raf interrupted melanoma cell extravasation in vitro and subsequent lung metastasis development in vivo. B-Raf encodes a RAS-regulated kinase that mediates cell growth and malignant transformation kinase pathway activation. Results showed that inhibition of V600EB-Raf reduced IL-8 secretion from melanoma cells and reduced the capacity of IL-8 production from the tumor microenvironment involving PMN. Furthermore, reduction in intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) expression on melanoma cells was found after V600EB-Raf knockdown. These results provide new evidence for the complex role of secreted chemokine and PMN-melanoma adhesion in the recruitment of metastatic cancer cells to the EC, which are significant in fostering new approaches to cancer treatment through anti-inflammatory therapeutics.

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