Impact of covid-19-related disruptions to measles, meningococcal a, and yellow fever vaccination in 10 countries

VIMC Working Group on COVID-19 Impact on Vaccine Preventable Disease

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Background: Childhood immunisation services have been disrupted by COVID-19. WHO recommends considering outbreak risk using epidemiological criteria when deciding whether to conduct preventive vaccination campaigns during the pandemic. Methods: We used 2-3 models per infection to estimate the health impact of 50% reduced routine vaccination coverage and delaying campaign vaccination for measles, meningococcal A and yellow fever vaccination in 3-6 high burden countries per infection. Results: Reduced routine coverage in 2020 without catch-up vaccination may increase measles and yellow fever disease burden in the modelled countries. Delaying planned campaigns may lead to measles outbreaks and increases in yellow fever burden in some countries. For meningococcal A vaccination, short term disruptions in 2020 are unlikely to have a significant impact. Conclusion: The impact of COVID-19-related disruption to vaccination programs varies between infections and countries.

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StatePublished - Jun 2021

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