Life-style orientation of rural US and Canadian consumers: Are regio-centric standardized marketing strategies feasible?

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Purpose – In view of the existing void in the current international and cross-national/cultural marketing literature, the purpose of this paper is to look into the similarities and differences of life-style orientations prevalent among US and Canadian consumers. The AIO (Activities, Interest, and Opinions) and VALS (Values, Attitudes, and Life-Styles) statements adapted from the current cross-cultural marketing literature were utilized to determine different US and Canadian consumer market segments. The research tools and techniques used in this study help retail businesses as well as manufacturing companies of the two countries to develop and execute more effective target marketing strategies. Design/methodology/approach – The data for this study were collected through self-administered questionnaires. The questionnaires were administered in two different locations. First, in Brandon, Canada and second, in the rural part of south central Pennsylvania (York and Lancaster counties). Both regions are similar to each other, each having a flourishing agricultural industry and a significant number of companies in the service and manufacturing industries. The data were collected through a drop-off and pick-up method among a sample of 300 Canadian married or common-law families and 400 in the USA. Findings – The study results show that there are, indeed, differences among the consumers’ life-styles in the two countries which were similar in demographics and as such may have been previously treated the same way by marketers, but in reality have very different lifestyles. Based on the survey findings, managerial and/or public policy implications are offered for orderly marketing decision-making purposes. Research limitations/implications – A study of total urban consumers may produce different life-style profiles than the ones presented here. This study only examined North American consumer life-styles within the framework of product group (form). Additional studies may look at consumer life-styles by use of product brands and even product options. Originality/value – This empirical research study presents cross-cultural comparisons of life-styles, value orientations of consumers in the purchase of a variety of goods and services in the similar environments of North America, namely rural areas of the USA and Canada.

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JournalAsia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
Issue number4
StatePublished - Oct 3 2008

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