Measurement of piezoelectric displacements of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films using a double-beam interferometer

Hiroshi Maiwa, James A. Christman, Seung Hyun Kim, Dong Joo Kim, Jon Paul Maria, Barry Chen, Stephen K. Streiffer, Angus I. Kingon

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The double-beam interferometric method is applied to measure the field-induced displacement of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films. The dc electric field dependence of the longitudinal piezoelectric coefficient (d33) response of Pb(Zr, Ti)O3 thin films deposited by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) was measured. Experimental d33 values were compared with coefficients calculated using a phenomenological approach and bulk parameters. Qualitative agreement was obtained between measured and calculated coefficients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)5402-5405
Number of pages4
JournalJapanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers and Short Notes and Review Papers
Issue number9 B
StatePublished - 1999

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  • Engineering(all)
  • Physics and Astronomy(all)

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