Numerical modeling of seismic and displacement-based monitoring for the EGS Collab project

Lianjie Huang, Yu Chen, Kai Gao, Pengcheng Fu, Joseph Morris, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Seiji Nakagawa, J. Ajo-Franklin, S. J. Bauer, T. Baumgartner, D. Blankenship, A. Bonneville, L. Boyd, S. T. Brown, J. A. Burghardt, S. A. Carroll, T. Chen, C. Condon, P. J. Cook, P. F. DobsonT. Doe, C. A. Doughty, D. Elsworth, L. P. Frash, Z. Frone, P. Fu, A. Ghassemi, H. Gudmundsdottir, Y. Guglielmi, G. Guthrie, B. Haimson, J. Heise, C. G. Herrick, M. Horn, R. N. Horne, M. Hu, H. Huang, L. Huang, T. C. Johnson, B. Johnston, S. Karra, K. Kim, D. K. King, T. Kneafsey, H. Knox, D. Kumar, M. Lee, K. Li, M. Maceira, N. Makedonska, C. Marone, E. Mattson, M. W. McClure, J. McLennan, T. McLing, R. J. Mellors, E. Metcalfe, J. Miskimins, J. P. Morris, S. Nakagawa, G. Neupane, G. Newman, A. Nieto, C. M. Oldenburg, R. Pawar, P. Petrov, B. Pietzyk, R. Podgorney, Y. Polsky, S. Porse, B. Roggenthen, J. Rutqvist, H. Santos-Villalobos, P. Schwering, V. Sesetty, A. Singh, M. M. Smith, N. Snyder, H. Sone, E. L. Sonnenthal, N. Spycher, C. E. Strickland, J. Su, A. Suzuki, C. Ulrich, N. Uzunlar, C. A. Valladao, W. Vandermeer, D. Vardiman, V. R. Vermeul, J. L. Wagoner, H. F. Wang, J. Weers, J. White, M. D. White, P. Winterfeld, Y. S. Wu, Y. Wu, Y. Zhang, Y. Q. Zhang, J. Zhou, Q. Zhou, M. D. Zoback

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Reliable monitoring of fractures created during water/fluid injection in enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) is crucial for understanding the efficacy of the fracturing process. The EGS Collab project is a new research effort initiated by the US DOE Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) to study the rock mass response to simulation. We conduct numerical modeling of active and passive seismic monitoring and alternative displacement-type measurement for monitoring hydraulic fracturing growth at the EGS Collab experiment site. We perform elastic-wave sensitivity propagation to provide the best locations to place geophones to record most significant information reflected/transmitted/scattered from the fracture plane. Our numerical results show that the optimal locations to record significant seismic signals from the fracture plane are within an anisotropic spatial region. For cost-effective passive seismic monitoring, we study the relationships between standard deviation errors of micro-earthquake locations and geophone distributions within multiple monitoring wells. Our results show that only two geophones per well are required for reliable event location, and that the combination of parallel and perpendicular wells does not help with MEQ event location. We conduct finite-element modeling to study the feasibility of using alternative displacement-type measurement to monitor hydraulic fracturing growth at the EGS Collab experiment site. Our numerical modeling results can help determine the geophysical monitoring strategy during the EGS Collab experiments.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationGeothermal Energy
Subtitle of host publicationPower To Do More - Geothermal Resources Council 2017 Annual Meeting, GRC 2017
PublisherGeothermal Resources Council
Number of pages17
ISBN (Electronic)0934412227
StatePublished - 2017
EventGeothermal Resources Council 41st Annual Meeting - Geothermal Energy: Power To Do More, GRC 2017 - Salt Lake City, United States
Duration: Oct 1 2017Oct 4 2017

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NameTransactions - Geothermal Resources Council
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OtherGeothermal Resources Council 41st Annual Meeting - Geothermal Energy: Power To Do More, GRC 2017
Country/TerritoryUnited States
CitySalt Lake City

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