Planewave response of a simple Lorentz-nonreciprocal medium with magnetoelectric gyrotropy

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The simple Lorentz-nonreciprocal medium described by the constitutive relations D = ε 0 ε r E − Γ × H and B = μ 0 μ r H − Γ × E is inspired by a specific spacetime metric, Γ being the magnetoelectric-gyrotopy vector. Field representations in this medium can be obtained from those for the isotropic dielectric-magnetic medium. When a plane wave is incident on a half space occupied by the Lorentz-nonreciprocal medium with magnetoelectric gyrotopy, theory shows that the transverse component of the magnetoelectric-gyrotopy vector is responsible for a rotation about the normal axis; furthermore, left/right reflection asymmetry is exhibited. Additionally, left/right transmission asymmetry is exhibited by a planar slab composed of the Lorentz-nonreciprocal medium with magnetoelectric gyrotopy. The left/right asymmetries are of interest for one-way devices.

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Pages (from-to)372-381
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StatePublished - Apr 2019


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