Leslie T. Gelbaum, Donald G. Patterson, Donald F. Groce

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The chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (CDDs) have been shown to be highly toxic trace contaminants in the environment. Since the toxicity of these compounds is highly dependent on the number and substitution pattern of the chlorine, one must quantify the presence of specific toxic isomers to determine the true toxicity of an environmental sample. This chapter discusses a program to synthesize and purify specific toxic isomers so that quantitative standards can be prepared.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationUnknown Host Publication Title
EditorsChristoffer Rappe, Gangadhar Choudhary, Lawrence H. Keith
PublisherLewis Publ Inc
Number of pages5
ISBN (Print)0873710568
StatePublished - 1986

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    Gelbaum, L. T., Patterson, D. G., & Groce, D. F. (1986). PREPARATION OF DIOXIN STANDARDS FOR CHEMICAL ANALYSIS. In C. Rappe, G. Choudhary, & L. H. Keith (Eds.), Unknown Host Publication Title (pp. 479-483). Lewis Publ Inc.