Project management in multi-project environments

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This chapter discusses project management in multi-project environments, which can be seen from the organizational level and project manager level. From the organizational level, such a practice can be seen in the contexts of multiple project management, project portfolio management, and project management office. From the project manager level, it can be seen in the context of the management of a group of multiple projects. To illustrate such a practice, first, the chapter introduces the concept of multiple project management (MPM) and contrasts it with that of project portfolio management (PPM). Second, the concept of the management of a group of multiple projects (MGMP) is introduced together with key factors contributing to MGMP effectiveness. Those factors include project manager assignment, resource allocation, organizational culture, project management processes, and competencies of multiple-project managers. Third, the chapter discusses the concepts of project management office (PMO) and different forms of PMO representing PMO as a project office, a functional project office, a customer group project office, a project management center of excellence, a coordinating center, and a corporate project office.

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Title of host publicationHandbook on Project Management and Scheduling Vol. 2
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2015

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