Release Kinetics of Nisin from Chitosan-Alginate Complex Films

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Understanding the release kinetics of antimicrobials from polymer films is important in the design of effective antimicrobial packaging films. The release kinetics of nisin (30 mg/film) from chitosan-alginate polyelectric complex films prepared using various fractions of alginate (33%, 50%, and 66%) was investigated into an aqueous release medium. Films containing higher alginate fractions showed significantly lower (P < 0.05) degree of swelling in water. Total amount of nisin released from films into an aqueous system decreased significantly (P < 0.05) with an increase in alginate concentration. The mechanism of diffusion of nisin from all films was found to be Fickian, and diffusion coefficients varied from 0.872 × 10-9 to 8.034 ×10-9 cm2 /s. Strong complexation was confirmed between chitosan and alginate polymers within the films using isothermal titration calorimetry and viscosity studies, which affects swelling of films and subsequent nisin release. Complexation was also confirmed between nisin and alginate, which limited the amount of free nisin available for diffusion from films. These low-swelling biopolymer complexes have potential to be used as antimicrobial packaging films with sustained nisin release characteristics.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)E2503-E2510
JournalJournal of Food Science
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 1 2016

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