Response 1: School-system contexts for professional development

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There have been long-standing efforts to employ teacher professional development (PD) to build the capacity of in-service teachers to deliver high-quality curricula in a pedagogically effective and engaging manner (Sun, Penuel, Frank, Gallagher, & Youngs, 2013). Unfortunately, however, such efforts have not been particularly effective in achieving such goals (Sun et al., 2013). More recent efforts have called for the need for STEM teachers to attend to the communication practices of K-12 teachers and other science educators in an effort to develop the ability of individuals to learn and do science (Duschl et al., this volume). Yet, as is the case with PD, such efforts have fallen short of widespread adoption across science education (Duschl & Osborne, 2002).

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2016

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