Strategic global marketing: Issues and trends

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Learn to select appropriate strategic tools and measure the competitiveness of international firms! This essential text addresses important strategic marketing issues and questions in a unique and insightful way. Strategic Global Marketing: Issues and Trends takes on the standardization vs. adaptation issue and will familiarize you with important topics, including customer value measurement in highly competitive industries; factors influencing export attitudes; qualities necessary for successful international business conduct; distribution channels behavior and regional differences in the way these channels function; and more! Handy charts, tables, and figures make the information easy to access and understand. In Strategic Global Marketing: Issues and Trends, authors from Israel, the United States, India, Hong Kong, and New Zealand examine the usefulness of comparative studies of dominant cultural values in successful international strategy development as well as other specific facets of international marketing strategy, such as: Technometrics-a benchmarked approach to compare competing brands on a set of attributes The attitudes of Taiwanese executives regarding exporting and international conduct The cultural values that must be taken into account to produce effective print advertisements in the United States and India The marketing roles and functions undertaken by Chinese wholesalers-and the functions they are still reluctant to perform A meta-analysis-tested model of the relationship between export performance and the degree of standardization of international marketing strategy used by the exporter The effectiveness of policies put in place by leaders of United States cities in their efforts to promote exports.

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StatePublished - Aug 30 2021

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