The histocompatibility-2 system in wild mice - VII. Serological analysis of 29 wild-derived H-2 haplotypes using antisera to inbred I-region antigens

Edward K. Wakeland, Jan Klein

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The I-region gene products of 29 wild-derived H-2 haplotypes on a B10 background (B10.W congenic lines) were typed with alloantisera which detect 17 inbred I-region antigens. Five new I-region antigens were defined by expanding the inbred line panel of H-2 haplotypes to include H-2u, H-2v, and H-2j. Based on serological analyses of the inbred and B10.W lines, the polymorphism of the IA gene (or genes) is estimated to be at a minimum of 15 alleles and the IE gene (or genes) at a minimum of 4 alleles. These results indicate that the IA subregion is more polymorphic than the IE subregion. By combining the I-region typing data with the H-2K and H-2D region typing data reported previously, a total of 11 new natural recombinants of inbred H-2 alleles were detected among the B10.W lines.

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Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1979


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