The need for a certified athletic trainer in the junior senior high schools

E. J. Kelley, S. J. Miller

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In this era of knowledge explosion stagnant practitioners pose a major challenge to professional educators. Fortunately, in today's society, opportunities for updating are extensive. It is imperative professionals be aware that these opportunities exist and realize it is not necessary for them to experience a decline in competency. Firstly, if athletic trainers, as other professionals, are to function at a high level of efficiency, it is essential that they continue their education, for learning is a lifelong process. Secondly, school and athletic administrators must not condone the practice of assigning a coach or staff member to the role of athletic trainer who lacks the professional preparation or is obsolete in his or her knowledge in the field. The appointment of an unprepared individual to care for the health of athletes will only breed many more legal and medical problems in the future. Consequently, the wise administrator would be the one that hirs a teacher on his faculty that is also qualified to carry out the duties and responsibilities of an athletic trainer or requires the individual assigned this position to become professionally prepared to carry out his or her role of athletic trainers. In other words, make sure that your athletic trainer is or becomes a certified athletic trainer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - 1976

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