The relationship between caregiving and employment. A study of stress in employed and unemployed caregivers of elderly persons

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1. The need for persons to provide care on an informal basis to frail and dependent elderly persons has generated a 'caregiving crisis' in this country. 2. Middle age women, the traditional caregivers for most generations, are no longer readily available to provide informal care. Instead, they are likely to be struggling to cope with the dual demands of paid employment and family responsibilities. 3. Significant differences exist between employed and unemployed caregivers in relation to age, marital status, gender, personal health status, and caregiver-care recipient relationships. However, no differences exist in relation to the amount of stress experienced as a consequence of caregiving responsibilities. 4. Occupational health nurses have an ideal opportunity to help employed caregivers cope with their caregiving responsibilities both at the worksite and in their personal lives.

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JournalAAOHN Journal
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Publication statusPublished - 1990


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