The Systems Y2O3-P2O5 and Gd203-P2O5

Dinesh Agrawal, F. A. Hummel

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The systems Y2O3-P2O5 and Gd203-P20s each contain six intermediate compounds of 4:1, 3:1, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, and 1:5 ratios. The systems were investigated by solid-state reactions and also by quenching methods in the glass-forming region between the 1:2 and 1:5 compounds. The 4:1, 1:2, 1:3, and 1:5 compounds in the two systems appear to have identical or similar structures, whereas the 3:1 and 1:1 compounds differ in structure. It was found that the 4:1 and 3:1 compounds in the refractory portion of the systems have lower temperature limits of stability. The newly discovered 1:2 compounds in each system are relatively stable, Y203 • 2P205 decomposing to 1:1 and 1:3 near 1450° C and Gd203 • 2P2O5 melting incongruently to 1:1 and liquid near 1305° C. The 1:3 compounds melt congruently and the 1:5 compounds melt incongruently to 1:3 and liquid.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1550-1554
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of the Electrochemical Society
Issue number7
StatePublished - 1980

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