What do they use? Where do they get it? An interdisciplinary citation analysis of Latin American studies faculty monographs, 2004-2013

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This citation analysis examines the ability of the local collection at the Pennsylvania State University to meet the needs of global and area studies researchers focusing on monographs published by faculty members on Latin American studies in a ten-year period. The study focuses on book use to address the tempting notion that packages and online sources can fully and universally support international and area studies across multiple disciplines. The author assessed the works cited by such criteria as availability at the University Libraries, language, place of publication, age of citation, and online availability. This study could inform collection development decisions and contributes to a general understanding of faculty research trends and the library's role in supporting the research related to Latin America across disciplines and academic units.

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JournalCollege and Research Libraries
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StatePublished - Jul 2017


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